Meet Ray

Your first and most important decision when considering owning a franchise business is where to seek help to evaluate opportunities. While there are many franchise experts in the business world, you need to talk with someone who’s a business expert in the franchise world.


My focus is on YOU and your needs. You want to ensure that you choose a business opportunity that fits your financial needs, your skill set, and your lifestyle. You can take full advantage of my successful track record as both a franchise executive and a franchise owner to make sure that whatever franchise you choose is a perfect match for your needs and interests.

Finding the right business is all about compatibility and leveraging your skills.

Why Franchising?

The franchise business model, which has been around for centuries, has grown rapidly in popularity, particularly since the 1950s.

The reason for the growth in franchising is very simple — it works.

Ray Fanning | Time2Franchise

A fantastic opportunity to go into business for yourself

Ray Fanning | Time2Franchise

A business already established for your benefit

Ray Fanning | Time2Franchise

Provides your branding and marketing needs

Ray Fanning | Time2Franchise

Change careers without starting at the bottom

If you are ready to make a transition from employee to employer, becoming a franchisee is a great vehicle. The franchisor provides the business model and the training, the brand and the operating system. You provide some capital, a lot of hard work and your passion. Without visionaries, there would be no alkaline battery or Disney World or Big Mac. If being a business owner is your dream, believe in yourself and go for it!