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You may feel blocked in your career or maybe you were displaced or passed over for promotion by your employer. Now you realize that all your great contributions created wealth for others, but not for you and your family.

If you’ve considered owning your own business as an alternative or second career, a franchise with an established brand and market may be the answer for you.

As a Certified Franchise Executive, with over 20 years of experience, I have advised dozens of prospective franchise owners who now operate successful businesses. Learn more in the About tab or visit my LinkedIn profile.

Create wealth; don’t just earn a salary.

Why a Franchise?

Other owners will help you succeed.

Owning a franchise connects you with a network of interdependent business relationships that share a brand, a successful business process, and a strong marketing and distribution system.

As a franchise owner, the opportunity for success far outweighs the risk of failure found in most independent businesses. You join an established group of other owners committed to building their brand and dominating their market.  And, you follow a tested and proven operating system, so you don’t have to ‘re-invent the wheel’.

A franchise system can also help you conserve your invested capital and control operating expenses through proven marketing programs and group buying power.

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By visiting my website, you’ve shown that you are interested in exploring a new opportunity. Please scan all the information, study the process, and read my bio. Learn how I’ve helped others just like you create their better future. Then, review My Top Ten list for owning a business before our first phone conversation.

I will help you cautiously take the next steps

Client Testimonials

Steve Marcus

Director Regis Corporation

“Ray is one of the elite players in the industry. To achieve this it takes a unique command of consulting capability blended with knowing the franchise industry from the inside-out.

At the end of the day he enables people who have the confidence that it takes to;

1. Make a timely important decision.
2. Be successful owning a franchise.

He has introduced me to top-talent me for years and our franchise system has benefited from his work.”

Earl Evens

Executive Director, AgeWell Institute at Baptist Health System

“Ray is an outstanding business consultant. Ray helped me evaluate franchise opportunities. His work was well organized, timely and thoughtful. Ray is an excellent communicator with a wealth of experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Ray to others that are considering franchise opportunities. Thank you, Ray.”

Bob Johnston

Director, Fibrenew

“I have had the opportunity to work with Ray for over 8 years. We have both assisted clients to realize their dreams of business ownership (Franchising). Ray has the dedication, integrity, and the professionalism that is imperative in this line of work.”

Randy Loeb

VP Franchise Development at ARCpoint

“I have had the privilege to know Ray for most of the 20 + years I have spent in franchising and also had the opportunity to work with him directly as a franchise consultant for about 7 to 8 of those years. Without a doubt, if I were to build a dream team in the franchising industry, Ray would be on that list. Not only does he know his subject matter inside and and out, but his work ethic and business integrity is flawless and he is very results driven. I would not hesitate one second to recommend Ray.”

Douglas Dickstein

President, Right at Home Glendale

“I first met Ray at a Franchise Expo in Washington. Over the ensuing weeks, we discussed a variety of different franchise options. Even though I didn’t buy a franchise at that time, a few years later when I was ready to look again I checked in with Ray. I did so because he’s a good guy who knows the world of franchising very well and doesn’t pressure you or engage in overly aggressive sales tactics. I eventually did settle on a business opportunity and Ray helped guide me through the process. I would reccommend him to someone interested in exploring the world of franchising.”

Derrick and Gwen Bauer

Business Owner and Fitness Instructor

“Thanks to Ray, Derrick and I found a direct mail franchise to invest in: UMS for Central Chicago. Ray was dedicated to helping us choose a business that fit our lifestyle, budget, and skill sets. I would recommend Ray, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with interested entrepreneurs.”

Remember, my services are entirely free to you. I am paid by franchising organizations; only if and when I have helped both parties engage in successful franchise purchase.

At any time you would like to discuss your business dreams or aspirations, just go to the ‘Contact’ tab and fill in your contact information. There is no obligation and as soon as you submit the form, I’ll get right back to you.

Thanks in advance for your time and interest. Ray Fanning

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